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Naked Circus Freaks

by gregg gorman

by gregg gorman

Hanging around performing Edinburgh  aerial and acro convention photo by graham Clarke  #sailor #edinburgh #show #silk #aerial #amazingari #arianlevanael

Jonathan Dufour - canadian model

Trapeze - 
If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I spend my days drawing for Disney and my nights training at a circus school. With a student show coming up this weekend, I’ve been busy working on my new trapeze routine. Lots to do. 
More new Disney stuff soon………..


Great shot

New athletic Youtube video! Knee Problems With Middle Split Tips. Here’s some advice if you have knee problems with middle split (side split, center split, chinese split). (For my Instagram followers, a clickable link is on my profile.)
#gymnastics #circus #contortion #yoga

Dancer: Jérémy Kouyoumadjian
Photo by Yang Wang

Natarajasana - lord of the dance